Introducing D.G. as Digital Griot

“This Game is how we maneuver:” Blending Media, Becoming the Internet

By DeVaughn Harris Gambino’s nature as a griot presents itself most emphatically during the Because the Internet (BTI) album era. Mainly because it’s the most clear example throughout his career of how he is able to permeate different social spheres with his stories, to build a network of stories across song, film, television, and evenContinue reading ““This Game is how we maneuver:” Blending Media, Becoming the Internet”

What Does It All Mean?

By DeVaughn Harris So, given all this information that we, as the public, have received from Glover, Gambino, Earnest, along with all of Glover’s different personas, the question that we’re left with is: What does it all mean? In other words, so what? What can we, as Glover’s audience, take from the stories he’s told,Continue reading “What Does It All Mean?”

Settlin’: Worlds Collidin’

By DeVaughn Harris Leading up to the present-day, Glover’s career has started to tread calmer waters. He’s eased up the philosophical ambiguity of the BTI era, and become more concrete (as well as explicit) in his storytelling than he was in “Awaken, My Love!” In the past two years, Glover has welcomed a second son,Continue reading “Settlin’: Worlds Collidin’”

“Watch the Flow”

By DeVaughn Harris Donald Glover showcases an eerie understanding of his many audiences. From his comedy special, Weirdo, to his musical career under the persona of Childish Gambino, he is able to read his audience members insofar that he can produce an environment that fits the mood. In other words, he’s reading the room. AnContinue reading ““Watch the Flow””

Living Engagement

By DeVaughn Harris Donald Glover begins his journey as a storyteller starting immediately after he graduates college at New York University. Upon graduating, he is offered the position as a staff writer by Tina Fey for her award-winning show, 30 Rock. It’s easy to understand how Glover told stories in his role as a writer,Continue reading “Living Engagement”

Adjustin’: Atlanta’s Transmedia Multiplex Consciousness

By DeVaughn Harris Donald Glover’s career after Because the Internet (BTI) takes a turn that, at first glance, seems utterly unorthodox, however, it is exactly in line with his nature as a griot. After BTI’s release, it was revealed that Glover would turn back to television, this time creating, producing, writing, and even at timesContinue reading “Adjustin’: Atlanta’s Transmedia Multiplex Consciousness”

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